Social Media Marketing & Engagement For Business

As more people spend more time on social media platforms, it is increasingly important to make sure your business is there too. Social profiles are essential for potential customers to connect with your brand, find out information quickly, and even share their experiences with their connections.

Whether you are starting fresh or trying to better utilize tools to streamline your usage, we help you connect with your audience authentically and effectively.

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Social Media Audit

Get a detailed assessment of the health and comprehensiveness of your social media presence.

This is the first step to clarifying goals and setting expectations. This audit uses 5 metrics to determine the strength of your brand. From there, we use the information to build the best strategy for your organization.

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Mission Clarity + Execution
A look at the mission, value, and goals of your organization, and an assessment if the "brand" matches these objectives.

Graphic Support + Application
Do the graphics used, from logo to letterhead to web banner, give unified visual support to your brand?

Web Presence + Analytics
Can your company be found anywhere on the internet, including a website, Google, and business directories?

Social Media Engagement + Data
Does your company utilize various platforms to interact with customers outside of a pure sales context?

Customer Relationship + Referrals
What words do your customers use to describe your business? What is their level of loyalty and referral rate to you?


Socializer by Cloud Campaign

The All-in-One social media management tool.

Socializer by Cloud Campaign is an A.I. powered solution for scheduling posts to Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn; all at the same time. Get specific insights into best types of posts to make and the best times to post them based on when YOUR fans interact with your pages, create weekly schedules for specific post types (ex: automatically post Friday Funnies at 2pm every Friday), respond to ALL of your social platform comments and messages in ONE activity feed, and design eye-catching posts with Canva directly within Socializer.

Click here to check out Cloud Campaign and see a live demo.
Feel free to send me an email if you are interested in getting this social media solution for your business.

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Content Planning

Industry-relevant content topic guide for optimal engagement.

You know your company needs to be on social media, but you have no idea what to post about. Get a custom quarterly calendar populated with strategic topic ideas for your target market, guidelines on best posting times for each day, and suggestions on post content types such as images, polls, and live video.

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Visual Content Creation

Static and animated images for social posts.

Images and video containing relevant content capture a viewer's attention up to 5x more than just plain text. The importance of posting content such as inspirational short stories, visual quotes, and sleek sales images, can drive the level of engagement with your consumers significantly. We will create captivating images for your posts on a per-project or on-demand basis.

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1 Hour Social Platform Training

Basic training on any social media platform of your choice.

From basics on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to utilizing tools to automate your engagement and collect information, this training helps you understand how to implement social media as part of your overall business goals and strategy. This 1 hour training is delivered as customized, pre-recorded screencast.

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Social Media Masterclass for Teams

In-depth training for your team on social media tools and best practices.

Get your team members across all departments to use the same social tools in the same way to bring cohesiveness and effectiveness to your organization. Topics may include content planning, automation tools, social listening, analytics review, and more. This Masterclass is a live screencast for as many team members as you would like on a platform of your choice.

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Full Social Media Strategy

Develop the roadmap for your social media strategy from start to finish.

Using a variety of objectives, determine the best course of action for increasing brand awareness, boosting engagement, and generating traffic to your site. This strategy is custom built to fit your business goals. Available as private coaching or as a team workshop.

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Social Strategy+

The comprehensive solution for strategy, implementation & platform management.

Remove the worry and headache from content planning, creation, posting, and analytics with this all-inclusive solution. Designed for busy teams with a desire for social success but may lack the team to achieve their goals.

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