Graphic Design + Brand Development

Your brand is not just a logo, but the entire visual and emotional experience that you provide to clients. From logos to the corporate "voice" to digital marketing pieces, a strong brand is key to making a statement.

We help you stand out from the competition with memorable branding completely unique to you and your organization's story.

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Brand Audit

Get a detailed assessment of the health and comprehensiveness of your brand.

This is the first step to clarifying goals and setting expectations. This audit uses 5 metrics to determine the strength of your brand. From there, we use the information to build the best strategy for your organization.

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Mission Clarity + Execution
A look at the mission, value, and goals of your organization, and an assessment if the "brand" matches these objectives.

Graphic Support + Application
Do the graphics used, from logo to letterhead to web banner, give unified visual support to your brand?

Web Presence + Analytics
Can your company be found anywhere on the internet, including a website, Google, and business directories?

Social Media Engagement + Data
Does your company utilize various platforms to interact with customers outside of a pure sales context?

Customer Relationship + Referrals
What words do your customers use to describe your business? What is their level of loyalty and referral rate to you?


Graphic Design Services

Logos, digital assets, marketing collateral, apparel, stationary.

Visual content stimulates a client's thoughts, emotions, and actions at a far higher rate than just plain text in a post or information scribbled on a piece of paper. Good design gives your client something about your brand that they can connect to. Imagery, color choices, and verbiage all play a key part in impact and conversion.

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Monthly On Demand Artwork

Get an unlimited amount of custom graphics every month.

If you know that you have need of several graphics per month, this may be your best option. With a 24 hour turn-around, and a monthly fee based on the size of your business and expected demand, you can be confident that all of your design needs are taken care of and you will have regular, fresh content for whatever purpose.

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1 Hour Design Program Training

Basic training on any desktop or mobile design creation app of your choice.

For those who prefer to create and manage their own content, but may need basic first-time training, want a refresher, have some questions, or want to be shown practical examples within a particular program. This 1 hour training will cover a program of your choice for you or your team as a pre-recorded screencast.

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Design Program Masterclass for Teams

In-depth training on a design app or program of your choice.

Need more than a basic overview of an app or in the process of training an in-house graphic designer? A Design Program Masterclass is a live screencast for as many team members as you want, covering basic and advanced features, tips for streamlined and organizational best practices, and a Q&A for your chosen platform.

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Full Brand Development Strategy

Developing the roadmap for your brand strategy from start to finish.

Whether you are starting a brand new brand strategy from the ground up, or refreshing a current outdated one, having a definitive plan of action will help you reach your goals. Get a personalized brand development plan with action steps and measurable milestones for you take your visual content, your corporate voice, and your "customer experience" to a new level. Available as private coaching or as a team workshop.

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Brand Strategy+

The comprehensive done-for-you solution.

A premium package for businesses wanting all the work done for them. This includes the full strategy planning, asset development, implementation, and vendor management. Ideal for organizations who don't have the time or ability to implement the brand strategy alone.

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