CMD+C Blog

March 5, 2020

How to Boost Your Company’s Online Reputation

It happens to even the best of companies, a mistake in your service or final product is made, and you are suddenly faced with a bad online reputation. Perhaps you’re new to your industry and nobody is really sure if you should be trusted. Regardless of the reason, the same steps should be taken to correct or improve your online reputation. The following list includes these steps and more regarding your online reputation. Reduce Website Distractions If you’re a new company, people might already think you’re a scam or not established enough to be trusted. It is incredibly important to remove all website distractions that can not only frustrate consumers but make your company look like a scam. Often these will involve pop up ads or other bright images. Keeping it simple allows your visitors to instantly have a good level of trust for you. They are more likely to browse around your site, read your mission statement, and even add something to their cart, all because they didn’t feel attacked the minute they hopped onto your site. Reviews Have you ever been shopping for new clothes or a certain product online? We are guessing that you instantly began scrolling […]