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April 15, 2020

How to Improve Sales in Your Business

Sales can often break or make a business, so it’s important to make sure that your numbers aren’t getting dangerously low. However, a business can be rather unpredictable at times, and there will be a point when your sales numbers are going to slip. So, what can you do? Certainly, you can’t sit on your laurels and hope they come back. Instead, utilize the tips listed below to better formulate a plan that can begin improving your company’s sales numbers. Know Your Products No matter how friendly or persuasive you are, you are not going to be able to make the sale if your salespeople don’t know the product inside and out. When potential customers have any questions or concerns regarding your product, it is incredibly important to not only answer quickly but in depth. You must understand not only the product’s functions but also its building material, maintenance costs and tasks, and everything in between. Your salespeople should also practice covering every safety concern that your customer might have about your product. For instance, when self-cleaning robots came into the market, customers were concerned about it bumping into babies or small pets. Because this question about safety was promptly […]
March 5, 2020

How to Boost Your Company’s Online Reputation

It happens to even the best of companies, a mistake in your service or final product is made, and you are suddenly faced with a bad online reputation. Perhaps you’re new to your industry and nobody is really sure if you should be trusted. Regardless of the reason, the same steps should be taken to correct or improve your online reputation. The following list includes these steps and more regarding your online reputation. Reduce Website Distractions If you’re a new company, people might already think you’re a scam or not established enough to be trusted. It is incredibly important to remove all website distractions that can not only frustrate consumers but make your company look like a scam. Often these will involve pop up ads or other bright images. Keeping it simple allows your visitors to instantly have a good level of trust for you. They are more likely to browse around your site, read your mission statement, and even add something to their cart, all because they didn’t feel attacked the minute they hopped onto your site. Reviews Have you ever been shopping for new clothes or a certain product online? We are guessing that you instantly began scrolling […]
November 26, 2019
Who is your favorite technology brand?

Who is your favorite technology brand?

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Sony, Nintendo…the list goes on and on. For better or worse, technology innovation has shaped who we are, how we run our business, how we interact with our families, etc. Which technology company is your favorite? (Mine is Apple 🍏) For any marketing and graphic design needs for your business, send an email to hello@thecoreymichael.com.
November 21, 2019
Quotations in Marketing

Marketing Hot Take: “Quotations” in Marketing Material

This is hilariously true but also a 🚨Marketing Hot Take 🚨: DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS ON YOUR MARKETING MATERIAL, digital, printed, air quotes, or otherwise! In today’s vernacular and understanding, quotations connotate that something is “not quite what it seems but you won’t find that out until you talk to me 😐” OR something is “suggestively implied 😉.” Sorry to be the millennial bearer of bad news, but it tends to be the older Gen X / younger Boomers that do this, because using quotations used to be used for emphasis in marketing. 😬 But in today’s marketing age, using CAPS (selectively), using different fonts, underlining, and italicizing are just a few common, not-weird ways to highlight something. Perfect example I saw yesterday for a realtor’s flyer at a community center: Contact Me for a “Free” Consultation. 🤔 Ummmm ok. Lol. For any marketing and graphic design needs for your business, send an email to hello@thecoreymichael.com.