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What You Could Do With A Marketing Team?

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At Corey Michael Design + Consulting, we know that you want to be successful as a business, making both an impact and income. In order to do that, you need the right marketing tools, strategies, and resources to help you grow. The problem is, there are so many confusing messages out there from “gurus” claiming to have the magic bullet to take your business to the next level; as well as so many new trends and technologies to keep track of, which makes you feel overwhelmed and fearful of not choosing the right path. We believe that the best strategies are actually based on you and your needs, and that successful growth is not dependent on what everyone else in your industry is doing.

We understand what it’s like to try to grow a health business without burning out, spending a fortune, or losing our soul in the process. This is why we have empowered hundreds of businesses, churches, and nonprofit leaders just like you with the confidence they need to authentically and passionately position their company or cause as an authority in their niche. We do this by implementing actionable and customizable marketing strategies that are designed to help you grow without compromise. Whether you are looking to be trained to handle the marketing yourself, or have everything done for you, Corey Michael Design + Consulting is ready to meet your needs.

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The CMD+C Core Values

About Corey Michael Design + Consulting

Relationships Over Transactions

The care and compassion for people come first; the opportunity to do business comes second. Many aspects of our marketing approach are centered around the passions and experiences of the individual; not just industry practices.
About Corey Michael Design + Consulting

Clarity Out Of Confusion

Complex ideas can be made simple with time and education. We will not shy away from the extra effort to empower the client with knowledge, and not simply just provide a service and then disconnect.
About Corey Michael Design + Consulting

Unapologetic Excellence

In a world of short-cuts and corners, we are not afraid to go above and beyond to provide quality services and products. Time is of little consequence; high value is the goal.
About Corey Michael Design + Consulting

Customized Creativity

Our clients are not all the same, and neither are the marketing solutions. A business owner's story and personality, technology, and trends in industry all contribute to a larger creative journey to achieve a desired outcome.

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