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The CMD+C Approach

CMD+C helps new, growing, and stagnant businesses, churches and nonprofits establish a meaningful brand so they can increase visibility, generate profit, boost engagement, and scale objectives.

Our creative model is designed to encourage you, help you identify untapped potential, leverage your passions, utilize practical tools, and clarify your goals to achieve immediate, measurable, and meaningful results, no matter what industry you are in.

Services include individualized coaching and creation for brand development, website optimization, social media engagement, and marketing strategy.

The CMD+C Core Values

Relationships Over Transactions

The care and compassion for people come first; the opportunity to do business comes second. Many aspects of our marketing approach are centered around the passions and experiences of the individual; not just industry practices.

Clarity Out Of Confusion

Complex ideas can be made simple with time and education. We will not shy away from the extra effort to empower the client with knowledge, and not simply just provide a service and then disconnect.

Unapologetic Excellence

In a world of short-cuts and corners, we are not afraid to go above and beyond to provide quality services and products. Time is of little consequence; high value is the goal.

Customized Creativity

Our clients are not all the same, and neither are the marketing solutions. A business owner's story and personality, technology, and trends in industry all contribute to a larger creative journey to achieve a desired outcome.

Corey Michael

Owner / Marketing Consultant / Designer

With over a decade of experience working in media, marketing and communications, Corey leverages his passion for people, his creative outlook, and his love for technology to help businesses, churches, and nonprofits reach their full potential.

Additionally, his background as an Associate Pastor has given him a unique, people-first and empathetic approach to marketing. Corey has the ability to understand the needs, desires, triggers, and frustrations of people who are working to achieve an outcome, and to clearly see and strategize pathways forward; whatever the goal.

Corey's unique ability to help clients get their ideas expressed digitally has allowed him to serve organizations across a variety of industries, including construction, church & nonprofit, food service, electrical, technology, financial, and creative.

Corey and his wife, Alyssa, live in the state of Washington with their daughter, Evelyn.

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Kristen Barrette

Client Happiness Admin

Hello, my name Kristen and I am excited to work with you! I have over 10+ years of office administration experience, though I have devoted my past few years to raising my two wonderful kids, Micah and Laylee, with my husband Austin, where we live in Folsom, CA. The warm weather here is my favorite because I get to do what I love most, which includes; swimming, going the beach and having fun days at the park with my kids.

What I am most passionate about is bringing joy to others, which is why I am so excited to join Corey as his Client Happiness Admin!

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Andrew Vizcarra

Graphic Designer

Hello everyone! I am LA raised and Sac-Town based. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing videogames, and drawing. I have been exercising that frontal cortex of mine all my life. When I was a child, I would watch my Dad and two brothers create art in their respective styles. I was fascinated by it! I tried to soak up every bit of knowledge from them as I could.

Creating art was nothing more than a hobby for me until about 5 years ago. I realized that Although my job was a good one with great benefits and salary, it simply wasn’t what I loved doing. I quit and pursued a degree in web development and graphic design. I have been a freelance graphic designer and web developer ever since! The thing I love most about what I do is meeting great people and helping them see their ideas come to fruition. I look forward to working with you!

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