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October 13, 2021
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What to Figure Out Before Launching a Major Marketing Campaign

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Every business needs to connect with its existing customers or clients, while at the same time cultivate new ones. That juggling act is where good marketing comes into play. But before launching a major campaign, it’s important to prepare so you can makes the most of the money and time you’re putting into a new campaign!

Do Research

The first step is to identify your target market and how you can best reach them. Databox recommends you consider who your present customers are and what they have in common, including demographics, lifestyle, spending habits, incomes, and so on. Your future clients or customers will likely share similar characteristics. Also research your competitors who are serving the same target market. Think about what you are offering that your competitors cannot. Decide what your goals are and how you will evaluate your success, whether it might be increased sales, an expansion of your customer base, or some other metric. Finally, consider trends, such as economic indicators, seasonal fluctuations, fashions, and innovations.

Get Financing

A major marketing campaign is an investment, and you’ll need to put in some money up front. You may have costs for website development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), writers, graphic designers, sound or video producers, advertising space, air time, and so on. You may also pay for a professional marketing analysis. You may already have a budget for advertising, but a major marketing campaign, say to launch a new product or service or to develop brand awareness, will probably need a larger expenditure. One option is a loan from the Small Business Administration. Several types of SBA loans are available. According to Franchise Gator, you can apply for an SBA loan even if you have bad credit.

Decide on the Right Channels

To effectively reach your target audience, you need to select the right communication channels. Traditional channels like television, radio, magazines, and billboards can still be effective, depending on your demographic. Digital marketing is often more cost effective. But with the diversity of available outlets, you’ll have more decisions to make. With social media, AddThis says it’s often better to focus intensively on just a few channels rather than try to cover them all. Whatever channels you choose, make sure your marketing message is consistent, positive, and memorable.

Whether your company serves other businesses or the public at large, you can benefit from conducting a major marketing campaign to your target audience. Whatever your goals, you can reach them by connecting to the right people with your message.

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