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June 14, 2021
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How to Bring a More Modern Image to Your Business

Your business needs periodic updates! This can seem like a complicated thing, but it’s like changing your shoes and clothes. What you wear tells viewers a lot about who you are: whether you’re conservative, progressive, traditional, trendy. The same is true of your website design, marketing, and brand. It’s critical to recognize that your customer’s perception of you is important, and if you’re seen as outdated, it costs you business! How can you bring a more modern image to your business?

Adopt More Digital Tools

There are many digital tools you can add to your website to help your small business. These can include chatbots, WordPress add-ons to help track your demographics more easily, or even bots that can post to your social media for you. There are software add-ons that specialize in every type of social media, run email marketing campaigns, and can help you determine which other digital tools you need!

Source: https://www.expert.ai/blog/chatbot/  

Change Your Logo

You should generally adopt a simpler brand design to connect with modern consumers. Modern consumers like to be able to recognize you at a glance. This includes not using complicated images. It is better to use less than five colors in trend combinations that represent your goals. Detailed lines, faces, and other carefully drawn items are not on-trend. This means not using your face on a character mermaid, or plumber. Instead, using a wrench for plumbing, or a fishtail splashing into a stylized ocean wave, are more modern concepts. Simplicity is your friend.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/brand-refresh/ 

Social Strategy

Of course, you’re using social media, but it’s important to realize your strategy is for your brand (including a simplified logo) to match across all platforms. How can you do this? Decide on characterization for your brand itself! Many older brands use a silly character, but this isn’t necessary. Your representative can be named whatever you like, and their personality reflects what you want to reflect. This is acting work—brands need those who can speak from the character of the logo/company, and enjoy it. That joy will radiate.

Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-branding/ 

Modernizing your business includes a lot more than visuals, but these are a start. Update your web design and image. Your company will flourish when it’s perceived as being aware of modern trends and needs.

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