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Who is your favorite technology brand?
November 26, 2019
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April 15, 2020
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How to Boost Your Company’s Online Reputation

It happens to even the best of companies, a mistake in your service or final product is made, and you are suddenly faced with a bad online reputation. Perhaps you’re new to your industry and nobody is really sure if you should be trusted. Regardless of the reason, the same steps should be taken to correct or improve your online reputation. The following list includes these steps and more regarding your online reputation.

Reduce Website Distractions

If you’re a new company, people might already think you’re a scam or not established enough to be trusted. It is incredibly important to remove all website distractions that can not only frustrate consumers but make your company look like a scam. Often these will involve pop up ads or other bright images. Keeping it simple allows your visitors to instantly have a good level of trust for you. They are more likely to browse around your site, read your mission statement, and even add something to their cart, all because they didn’t feel attacked the minute they hopped onto your site.


Have you ever been shopping for new clothes or a certain product online? We are guessing that you instantly began scrolling down to read the reviews; after all, you trust people who have actually used the product. This practice is the same across the business industries, from medical practices to someone selling mops. People want to know if others have experienced positive results from your products. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get reviews. According to Podium, the best way to get your customers to leave reviews of your business is to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews. This may include sending them a follow-up email once they have received your product or simply asking them quick questions at checkout regarding your service. Note that you should never force any customer to submit a certain type of review. They must be honest reviews from the customer themselves. Asking for positive-only reviews will quickly spread and actually decrease your online reputation.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

A good reputation doesn’t only involve your website. You need to be sure you have a consistent presence anywhere you are present online. For many companies, this includes their social media pages. It is incredibly important to maintain a positive social media presence. This first starts by actually being active. Engage with your audience and never delete bad comments about your product, instead answer concerns professionally. Other consumers will see this and feel confident that your company is one that cares about doing a good job and making bad experiences right.


Reviews are, no doubt, a great way to capture the trust of potential customers, but photos can really boost your engagement and, ultimately, your overall revenue. Visual proof from photos is a big factor for why consumers actually purchase an item. This makes it important to encourage past customers to upload photos of your business and your product. These may include a picture with staff or using the product itself. Uploading these types of pictures to your social media pages, as well as your website, can certainly improve your overall reputation.

Obtain Monitoring Software

It is almost impossible to follow every single review and mention that is uploaded about your company; after all, you’re busy also running the business. However, this is often how bad reputations are grown and spread. According to Prezly, it is important to monitor your reputation as much as possible. Software applications that can provide this service will alert you from time to time when your name has been mentioned within another site or even within a bad review. This can allow you to quickly get to that certain website and either demand the wrongful information be taken down or comment on the situation.

Provide Value Through a Blog

Your site should never be solely about capturing sales. It not only makes you look like you just want people’s money, but there is no reason for people to keep coming back. One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is to provide true value to your customers and potential customers. This can be accomplished by including an informative blog on your website. Note that you should only write on topics that you actually understand and are experienced in.

Maintaining a successful business is more than just about how good your product is, it’s also about monitoring and maintaining a good online reputation. It is highly recommended to utilize the list of tips posted above. By doing so you can make sure that your online reputation is kept consistent and healthy throughout your company’s lifespan.

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